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A cedar shake roof gives strong insulating properties and excellent durability, particularly for bigger homes. A really well-insulated residence means staying cooler in summer & warmer in winter and, which greatly contributes to significantly reducing energy costs.

Our qualified contractors authorized by CSSB have worked together as a team for several years. They follow stringent Cedar Bureau Manual specifications and regulations and our Cedar Shake Roof Installation always complies with the local regulations and building codes.

With better products and a high end crew, the end result is a lovely, high-quality roofing system that is guaranteed to improve your residence visually as well as outshine a conventional roof.

We also provide our services of cedar shake roofing in Cape Cod. If your roof requires any repairs, then you can give us a call and our experts will handle this problem for you. Call us at 774-208-3589.


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    A cedar shake roof has so much to offer to a homeowner. There are many important benefits of a cedar shake roof installation. Some of them are outlined below:



    A cedar roofing structure can effectively increase the lifespan by replacing specific shingles and shakes that have warped, removed, or broken. It avoids the economical and ecological burden of getting a completely new roofing built from scratch.



    A cedar roofing does provide superior heat resistance (a logical byproduct of insulation) than other roofing products, such as aluminum. This preserves energy by decreasing the heating and cooling requirements.



    Roofs made of cedar are sturdy. Usually guaranteed for twenty to twenty-five years, they normally last for as long as fifty to sixty-years or more if they are efficiently established, maintained, and reintroduced.



    A cedar roofing does provide superior heat resistance (a logical byproduct of insulation) than other roofing products, such as aluminum. This preserves energy by decreasing the heating and cooling requirements.



    Cedar roofs are of course stunning, with a broad variety of quietly varying colors and patterns. They can develop a distinctive silvery gray patina as they season, helping them to fit in with their organic environment and look stunning in traditional or contemporary style homes, rural cottages or vacation homes.


    Cedar Roof: The Best Choice To Protect Your Home

    Cedar shake roofing is a great alternative for all kinds of households and the different thicknesses of each shingle can give a very distinctive appearance. As cedar shake roofs have existed in North America since before the colonial period, it is a particularly good choice for historical buildings or residences pursuing a classic design.

    Repairs must be performed every two to four years for the long operation and to extend the life of your cedar shake roof. 

    Does a Cedar Shake Roof Increase The Value Of Your Property?

    If you intend to sell your home in the near future, you will want to think ahead about adding value to it. Once it is time to sell, cedar roofs will bring immense value to your house.

    Most property owners concentrate not on the roof but on cleanup, uncluttering property, and revising parts of the interior house. While a large exterior and a perfectly clean interior will assist you to sell your property, the very first thing a potential buyer will assess is the condition of the roof and for many homeowners, this is the area in which their home will be lacking. If there's a roofing problem, your home's value will go down. In short, investing in installing a cedar roof now will save you from a lot of hassle in the future.

    A cedar roof provides a magnificent return on investment when contrasted to other home upgrades or improvements. It is an inherent capacity to insulate and hold a house warm or cold will help you save money quickly on your heating costs, as well as incorporating energy conservation as a bonus to owning a house.

    Not just that but cedar is a better quality component which after installation contributes tangible value to your house. Looking for a cedar-roof to raise the value of your home? You may need some sort of cedar shake roof maintenance? And even if you've got concrete, slate, or plastic wall, we still can help! We provide a wide selection of roofing services for most materials available on the market! Contact us and get a FREE estimate!




    Not all cedar shingle grades are made equal. As a homeowner, you should be aware of
    the different grades of cedar shingles

    Blue Label

    This is the best possible grade, and the commodity is ideal for all cedar roofing applications.

    100% Pure Heartwood,
    (no sapwood)

    100% Edge Grain, (no flat grain)

    Clear 100% (no knots or flaws)

    Red Label

    Crop blend, (unlimited flat grain)

    Limited volume of sapwood allowed

    A long-lasting shingle and very
    functional if used properly

    A smaller exposure to the roofs
    and walls is required

    The nodes and defects in the top
    1/3 of the shingle

    Black Label

    A budget-considered category that can be used quite effectively-perfect value

    A smaller exposure to the roofs and walls is required

    Crop blend, (unlimited flat grass)

    Small amount of sapwood allowed

    No knots or faults apparent when added in 3 layers

    Nodes and defects in the top 2/3rds of the shingle required

    Under Coursing

    Usually used as material in-course

    Can be used as a covering for very rustic walls where waterproofing is not necessary.

    Limitless knots and deformities all over the shingle face

    Known even as "builder shims for the designers

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