Installing the whole roof system is what ensures the longevity of your roof system. Needless to say, we are fully trained, certified, and experienced roofers on Cape Cod. Though difficult and physically taxing at times, installing a new commercial & residential roof system is something we find great purpose in doing. We are the top-rated roofing contractor on Cape Cod having years of experience in doing residential ROOF REPAIR, REPLACEMENT & INSTALLATION SERVICE, rubber roof repair, asphalt shingle roof repair & cedar shake replacement services.



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Roof Replacement Services in Cape Cod

We are the professional roof replacement contractors you should hire to repair your roof. Our track record is founded on exceptional craftsmanship, high-quality products, and outstanding service of providing accurate and easy roof replacement.

Our team is prepared to offer you the most reliable roofing improvements to reinforce and extend your roof's lifespan. We have been operating in Cape Cod for over 15 years. If your roof requires repairs, call us and we'll be there to fix it.

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Perhaps the most important home repair is the roof replacement process. After all, just a couple of small problems are far more devastating than a roof failure — water will sabotage, ruining everything from insulating material in your attic to the recently renovated interior of your home. It is the responsibility of the roofing company to work in an effective way to make a durable and dependable roof.

Every roof has a certain lifespan. And this fact makes it super important to replace or repair your roof before the actual damage takes place. We focus on providing our clients’ quality work with high-standard material that will last for years and also increase the exterior beauty of the home.


Roof Assessment / Inspection

Our team of professional roof replacement contractors will inspect your roof carefully. They’ll look for any apparent or hidden damage or leaks. After a thorough examination, we will provide a quote depending upon the volume and complexity of roof repair that is required to fix your home’s roof.


Roofing Product Selection

In case your roof requires replacement, you’ll have the choice of selecting a new roofing product. You can go for asphalt shingles, metal roofing, rubber roofing, cedar shake, and many other available options. If you are confused about which roofing product to select, then our roofing experts will help you in choosing a material that suits best for the condition of your home.


Roof Removal

The first step in our process is to remove the existing roof. This has to be done carefully as to not damage the structure underneath. Our 15+ years of experience comes in handy at this point as our roofing experts take all the safety measures when removing a roof.


Installation of Sub-Roofing

Before installing the actual roofing, the sub-roofing needs to be properly set. This is the base on which your roof will stand. Our roofing experts identify and perform the necessary steps such as checking the level of the nailing surface, fastening panels, covering sheathing with shingle underlayment felt and installing them to properly install the sub-roofing.


Site Clean-Up, Final Inspection & Warranty

Installing or repairing a new roof leaves a lot of cleaning up to do. However, as a homeowner, you don’t need to worry about anything as our professional roof replacement contractors will clean the site, and perform one final inspection to make sure everything is in place.

We also provide a very generous warranty depending on several roofing factors

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Roof Replacement Cape Code

What is the Best Time to Replace Your Roof?

A roof is the single most important protecting element that is responsible for protecting your home. The best time to replace a roof is before it starts to crumble as the more you delay this process the more will be the roof replacement cost.Considering whether to replace your roof or not is easy. You have to consider the overall cost and also the time commitment it would require to replace your roof.

However, when it becomes necessary to replace your roof then the best time is as soon as possible.


Roof Replacement Cost Factors

As a homeowner, the roof replacement cost factors are very important to consider the actual cost of a roof replacement service.


Cost per square foot

The cost of repairing your roof will be determined by the type of material. If you have used asphalt shingles then the price will be low, in comparison to tile shingles or metal roofing which are expensive options when it comes to the overall cost per square foot.


Roofing materials

No two roofing materials cost the same. Metal roofing will cost way more than a much cheaper Asphalt shingle option, however, it really depends on your specific use case and budget.


The Complexity of roof

Some roofs can be very easy to replace or repair, others not so much. A more complex roof would require more time for a replacement which will also increase the overall cost.

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Quick and Easy Roof Replacement by Dream Home Improvement

At Dream Home Improvement, we are always keen on providing the best roof replacement service in Cape Cod. We have helped thousands of homeowners through our exceptional roof replacement services.

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What is a Roof Repair Service?

A roof repair service fixes any kind of roofing problem whether it relates to sudden storm damage or years of wear and tear. At DHI, our first and foremost goal is to inspect the roofing site properly and perform quick roofing repairs for homeowners.

roof repair benefits

Protect Your Home

A roof is a significant part of your house. It is the single most important thing that protects you and your family
from the harsh weather conditions. This is why when a roof is damaged it
is crucial to repair it as soon as possible.

We have a qualified list of roof repairing specialists that have decades of experience with quick and easy roof repairs.

There are plenty of roof repair benefits. Here are some of them:


Extends The Lifespan Of The Roof

Unplanned large remodeling projects such as repairs to the roof will prolong roof life. When the roof finishes its existence and you don't have the money or energy to rebuild the roof, fixes will help you purchase the time required.


Improves The Overall Performance & Saves You Money

Another advantage of timely roof repairs and maintenance improves roof performance. It's important to realize that even the slightest leak in the roof will easily develop into a bigger leak and undermine the overall roofing system efficiency. This can lead to a much bigger investment in the near future and may cost you a lot of money.


Roof Repair Cost Estimator

You don’t need to scratch your head or search on the internet endlessly for roofing repair costs.

Simply give us a call at 774-208-3589 and we’d provide you with a free estimate.

Repairing Signs

Signs Your Roof Needs Repair

As a homeowner, if you see these signs in your roof, then it’s time to call a roofing repair
company and start the repairing process.


Roof Noticeably Sags Anywhere

This is a strong indication to get your roof checked, even though it's not leaking yet. We advise urgent inspection as a sagging roof could suggest that there is a structural issue anywhere in the attic, or worse, in the base that supports your house.


Missing Entire Shingles

It is typically simple to fix or remove roof parts which fall loose. Yet the latest shingles don't exactly suit the existing, fading shingles color. If you don't want to make your roof look like a checkerboard, try replacing the roof entirely.


Roof Is More Than 25 Years Old

The Association of Regional Home Inspectors gauges a roof 's usual lifetime at anywhere between 20 and 30 years. When the roof is up to the 25-year mark, you ought to get an examination to have a fair estimate as to whether you should start installing a new roof for your home.


The Electricity Costs Are Higher

If you see an increase in your central heating or air conditioning costs all of a sudden, the cold or warm air could be leaking through your roof. But if you deal with this issue of ventilation in your attic, your heating and cooling expenses should go down.

At DHI, we recommend timely repairs of your roof as there are a lot of roof repair benefits
that save you time and money in the long run.

All Our Services Include:

In addition to providing excellent roof repair services, our roofing contractors are also well-versed in doing
Cedar shake roof installation, Asphalt roofing installing and providing a complete
roofing replacement in Cape Cod.

If you require any services related to roofing, whether it is roofing repairs or replacing
your roof entirely,

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