Roof ventilation contractors


Did you know that ensuring the attic receives adequate ventilation is the responsibility of the contractors/roofers? Anything other than that, there's no warranty on the shingles and you're running the risk of getting mold developed in your attic and then in the entire house for your and your family's health.

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Roof ventilation contractors

Our Expert Roofers Ensure Proper Roof Ventilation

Anyone who has done professional and proper roof ventilation would know that there are 3 very critical components for the ventilation to function properly; air intake from the soffit/fascia zones, air ventilation from the ridge, and a well-insulated attic. If one of those elements is absent, that would necessarily indicate your attic is not being adequately ventilated.

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Roof ventilation contractors

Why do roofs need ventilation?

Every smart homeowner knows that ventilation is one of the most essential indicators of the quality and performance of your roof. There is a lot of humidity that builds up in a house. Cooking, showering, washing, and even eating and merely breathing inside the house can lead to large levels of humidity.

Here are some reasons why your roof needs ventilation:


Shorter Roof Shingle Lifespan

Another problem with your attic being overly warm is the longevity of the shingles on the wall. Not only can the heat from your attic be transmitted down into your living area; it will also be recycled back onto the roof itself. This tends to cause the shingles to overheat, basically fry them and reduce their lifespan.


Warped Wood and Walls

Transferring heat from a superheated attic will hurt your rooftop and electricity bills a lot more. It can also warp the wood framing in your attic, and also transmit your paint and wallpaper to scar down the walls.


High Heated Attics

One of the major concerns that sprout up due to less or lack of ventilation is an attic that heats up quickly. The trapped air heats up, without the wind flowing into the room. The heat then moves into your attic floor and begins warming up your home spaces. That helps in higher bills of electricity as the fans and AC operate to fight it.


Less Roof Life

It’s an obvious disadvantage of not having proper ventilation. Your roof is like anything else that needs to be maintained and ventilation is a great way to do that. Proper ventilation can have a significant effect on your roof’s life for several years.


Moisture Build Up

The summer season isn't the only occasion you have to think about a shortage of air in the attic. You can also get trapped in the attic where it condenses during the winter steam from your shower, the clothes dryer, and pots and pans. This condensation will drip back onto your insulation, making it less effective. This will even contribute to the development of mold and mildew in your attic and insulation, where it can harm the wellbeing of your household.


How much ventilation does my roof need?

Since most of the roofs are under-ventilated, many people just have no idea how much roof ventilation they require, and what kind to purchase. The FHA suggests providing 1 square foot of exhaust from the attic (both intake and exhaust) for every three-hundred square feet of the attic room.

Roof Ventilation Repair Contractor In Cape Cod

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Roof ventilation contractors

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