7 Best Bathroom Remodeling Ideas Make Them Look Bigger More Spacious

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Almost every resident dreams of having a luxurious and spacious bathroom with at least a separate tub and shower. Well, whether you dream about it or not, you can make your bathroom stand up to its fully maintained standard. It requires choosing the right color combination, using a few clever visuality tricks, or hiring the best company for your bathroom remodeling.

So, it’s worth knowing some interior design tips and tricks yourself. Whether with decor, with art, with mirrors, or even with the placement of the sanitary ware.  Our team of interior designers and experts in bathroom remodeling in Cape Cod have compiled a list of designs tricks that you can implement to instantly make your bathroom space appear twice as large and brighter.

1. Go Casual With White on White

One of the simplest ways to give your bathroom a spacious look is to become old schooled. Just play around with your creativity with the use of white; white tile, white paint, a white vanity, and so on. The white color naturally recedes, making the space look much bigger. It also reflects any available light, rather than absorbing it. So a simple basic white finish can make any space look bigger, but they’re even more effective in a bathroom. 

Since a bathroom already has many white fixtures (the tub, toilet, sink, for example). Using white for other exteriors creates an all-in-one look that makes the space appear twice as large. But make sure using white is not limited to basics surely you can use multiple textures and accents. You can use textural molding, tiles, and fabric accents for curtains. However, you can also give the random touch of metallics or wood, which will hold the flawless look of your bathroom and provide the eyes richness to follow.

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2. Stab Tone on Tone

Somehow, as we know some people are not a fan of white, or maybe shark white seems boring to them. So, if you fall in that list, you can still get an amazing breezy effect with a light tone-on-tone palette in warm beige, soft grays, or even dull shades such as powder blue. Choose a luxurious tile, and paint the remaining walls with the color that goes well with the hues within it. It will give your bathroom a relaxed and spa-like feeling without shrinking the view of the space.

So if you are a residence in any of the towns on Cape Cop and looking for the best bathroom remodeling company. You can rely on the expertise of Dream Home Improvement LLC. We are a certified home renovation company in Cape Cod. As local, our experts can help you provide the best bathroom remodeling in Cape Cod. 

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3. Use a Floating Vanity

Sad, but that’s reality, In a limited bathroom space, it can be hard to fulfill the demand for storage with a desire for space to breathe. A floating vanity is an answer to this issue. It offers you plenty of room to store daily essentials. Somehow,  the look of flooring underneath makes the area feel a cut more open. In an actual small space, having a little bit more room to land your feet should be considered a blessing.

If you don’t require maximum storage in your bathroom. You should consider using a smaller vanity to leave a bit more open space, rather than fitting in the biggest unit you can. Leaving a little space will make the area feel less stuffed and thus larger. You can always try different styles of vanity, that suit best the theme of your bathroom. You can also get amazing vanity at discounted prices from online stores such as Amazon.

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4. Go with Big Size Mirrors

A large mirror can visually double the size of your bathroom space. Somehow, having larger mirrors seem a bit expensive. But if you compare, the price with tiling on the wall, you will realize. A mirror can showcase a dramatic look, luxurious feel at a much better price. Moreover, you can add a beautiful frame with your large mirror to add more royalty. You can also go with a standard wall-to-wall custom-sized mirror. 

Adding mirrors not only provides a powerful effect, but you will also notice a little less will be more required to make your smaller bathroom look more spacious and perfectly finished. This technique is extremely applicable for smaller powder rooms with small walls that don’t take much glass to cover. 

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5. Use a Glass Panel

Another amazing way to increase the size of your bathroom space is by replacing a shower curtain with a glass panel or door. The complete square view of the room will be visible at once, providing a more spacious look, especially when you’re in the shower. But, If you prefer more privacy, instead of transparent you can use a frosted or tinted glass panel, which will still allow the transparency of light to filter through so your shower experience will surely feel less claustrophobic.

This is the reason why we are the best in Cape Cod for Bathroom remodeling services. We take a look at every hinder detail and personal view to provide our customers with the best services of home remodeling in Cape Cod.

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6. Add a Shower Niche

Sometimes looking for a little extra space can go a long way. Adding an open shower niche not only takes some empty wall space to use as storage. An open niche adds up visual depth that makes the walls of your bathroom look farther away than they are. Don’t like open shelving? Utilize that gapped niche space for adding a cabinet and instantly get functional storage.

Always keep that in mind that plumbing, studs, and other unknown settings can affect where you can add and can’t add a niche. So, we would advise talking to a professional before planning to open any walls. Feel free to get in touch with us, in that case, to get a free quote for the services of bathroom remodeling in Cape Cod. Call us now at  (774) 208-3589.

7. Apply Bright Lighting

Good lighting is important to making any space look bigger and wider. However, in the case of bathrooms, they often don’t have much natural light available, which is especially important. Obviously, in a bathroom, you will certainly need decent lighting to do things such as shave or apply makeup seamlessly, so its significance can’t be left out. You can also explore Pinterest, to get amazing bathroom remodeling ideas and inspirations on how you want your bathroom to look.

Following these reasons, it’s important to set up a bright lighting scheme, preferably with multiple light sources at various locations. A grid of ceiling lights or edge-lighted mirrors will help you avoid shadowing and make your bathroom feel bright and spacious.

bathroom remodling cape cod

The Best Bathroom Remodeling in Cape Cod

We are sure you now have complete knowledge on how to make your smaller bathroom look more spacious. A bathroom remodel can be an amazing way to have the space you’ve always dreamed of. But doing it with the right techniques you to think carefully about what you and your family need and require. In case you are planning a complete house renovation in Cape Cod styles, you will surely like our blog on How To Plan a Kitchen Remodel. 

We at Dream Home Improvement have provided services of home remodeling in cape cod styles to more than 10K homes throughout all the towns on Cape Cod. Surely in case of any queries regarding home improvement don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today to discuss your ideas. We will be happy to help you plan the next steps feel free to contact us.

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