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Cape Cod kitchen remodel

Classic and modern at the same time; Cape Cod style kitchens are inspired by vacation or summer homes. They can usually be found in all traditional towns on Cape Cod. These Kitchens have light and bright painted wood cabinets. You can also have beadboard on walls, airy layouts, marine themes, overall comfort, and guest-friendly feel are all guarantees of Cape Cod style kitchen designs.

Color schemes are also extremely important in Cape Cod kitchen designs. All decent types of light hues like; Whites, beiges, light yellows, blues, and greens are all common colors. Meanwhile, Cape Cod kitchens tend to be bright; a welcoming space with a suitable contrast of darker hues for floors, countertops, and furniture. The most common designs may feature; a dark hue wood for floors and furniture, and granite or stone for countertops. Walls may feature traditional white beadboard wood.

Cape Cod kitchen remodel

An Ultimate 1950 Cape Cod Kitchen Remodel

A kitchen without storage space is incomplete. Storage is always a necessary part of any kitchen space because it has to be used for cooking, eating, and cleaning. And that’s no different for Cape Cod-style kitchens. Cabinets are the greatest source for storage in any type of kitchen, but not properly arranged imposing cabinets can create a stuffy feel. One solution for that is to combine closed cabinets with open shelving. The biggest benefit of this method is that your favorite kitchen wares can be displayed prominently to your guests. Moreover, they will be easily reachable for you and any other cooks in the kitchen.

Furniture in Cape Cod style kitchens is often casually comfy but constructed from high-quality wood. The wood can be left in its regular color, painted in light colors to reflect the overall bright design, or blemished to bring out deeper, darker hues. Dining table seats, cushions, and tablecloths may feature ocean scenes, sailing images, or designs, reflecting the seaside tradition of Cape Cod. Neat tile work and wallpaper offer a similar prospect to add visual interest and to reflect the ancient tradition of life on Cape Cod. In the end, your new kitchen will make everyone feel, “home sweet home. Think hygienic, airy, and spacious as you design a perfect Cape Cod kitchen remodel

Here are some of the things to consider as you work for a welcoming kitchen by following the heritage of the 1950s Cape Cod kitchen remodel.

An Open or Nearly-Open Floor Plan

An open or nearly-open floor plan is the base for that airy and spacious environment we mentioned above. A vacation on the Cape is about the entertainment of the people and families. So, having a kitchen that opens up adjacent to the living spaces will help you build your connection with all who gather around for snack time or family-style meals.

U-Shaped and L-Shaped kitchens are also an option, with plenty of countertop space to help you make your favorite meals for weeknights, holiday family gatherings, or friend sleepovers.

Cape Cod kitchen remodel

Add Windows or Skylights

Secondly, if your kitchen didn’t get a reasonable amount of natural light, you can get these in terms of windows and skylights. Dream home improvement can fix that and can help you make more open spaces for that added light; that will do a world of good for your kitchen space. The simple act of rearrangement of storage cabinets can do this for you. Just remove some upper cabinet boxes to add more space for the installation of windows. As natural light is the best source for making a bright kitchen.

You can also imagine this scene, as you sitting in your regular breakfast nook sipping your morning coffee. On that note, there’s nothing like looking outside your window.

Bright White Kitchen

Okay, so you’re not forced or restricted to design a white kitchen but that’s the tradition of Cape Cod Style Kitchen. Moreover, white kitchens remain in trend year after year so they also make a good future selling point as well. You can also get assistance from seaside color palettes; sandy browns, a range of blues and grays, pastel colors. All of these shades will complement the white cabinetry and general design style for your Cape Cod kitchen remodel. Don’t feel frightened to use natural color wood elements either. You can use solid color wood on the kitchen island or the lower and upper part of the cabinet set.

A white kitchen looks fantastic with every setting, but it’s especially popular on Cape Cod. Massachusetts is home to more historic homes than you can imagine, and white, painted wood looks modern and traditional at the same time. It’s a beachy, country look that is extremely easy to reproduce anywhere. For a more modern take on the all-white kitchen, consider pairing white upper cabinets with lower cabinets of a contrasting color.

Cape Cod kitchen remodel

Beadboard Panel 

Adding texture is another vital idea to consider when it comes to creating a beachy look in your kitchen. The old-ancient cottages usually had rustic, unfinished walls that showed the layers between planks of whitewashed wood. The coolest way to go back in the tradition to attain that look in the present is to use beadboard paneling. The Use of these for the lower portion of walls below a chair rail will not only add the traditional texture but also provide you with a charming and modern look.

Cape Cod beadboard plank paneling as a backsplash instead of tile, or as the backing inside your upper cabinets. This is the simplest way to give your kitchen a stylish finish. The style is classic, yet modern. 

Maximum Open Storage

Spending summers vacation on the cape is a mostly casual affair, and cooking there means probably not using the essentials. To keep things simple and accessible, storage is often open so that it’s easy to find the perfect plate or pot. You can easily create this feel; choose open shelves instead of wall cabinets, or by hanging a pot rack over your island. If you are fond of an airier look, you can remove the doors of the cabinet.

If you are planning to do so.  Just make sure to use the above-mentioned beadboard on the back of cabinets; paint them with a contrasting color.

A Beachy Color Palette

Although white cabinets are a common tradition, there are many other ways to add color to a Cape Cod inspired kitchen. The choice is yours, either by painting the walls, floors or relying on your linens and dishes. This will add a pop up effect to your kitchen, making sure they set the right tone. Sea glass colors; pale green, aqua, and blue are brilliant choices for a beach-inspired kitchen. However, you can also make things natural with a sandy palette with natural wood tones. If you wish for something brighter, get sailed with red and navy blue. 

You can transform your cape experience into a masterpiece by giving a full Cape Cod kitchen remodel. It doesn’t matter which Cape Cod town you live in. You are always welcome to rely on the expertise of our experts to get the best services of kitchen remodel. We ensure a full experience of the famous 1950s Cape Cod kitchen remodels. 

Cabinetry and Countertop Choices 

Cape Cod style kitchens run from ultra-traditional to the very modern, so any door style you like will work just fine. Our experts will advise you to add a few glass panel cabinet doors with some beautiful open shelving. Both of these will enhance the look of your kitchen’s design and provide you with a spacious feel.

In the same way, countertop choices are open so take your pick of Corian, quartz, or granite. A butcher-block style counter on the aisle or in a unit of perimeter countertop wouldn’t go inappropriate either. Since you have so much liberty with the type of cabinets you select, based on whether you prefer a modern or traditional design. You have equal freedom with a selection of your hardware.

The Best 1950s Cape Cod Kitchen Remodel Designs

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