7 Spacious Ideas for Your Cape Cod Style House Additions

Cape Cod Style House Additions

It’s no surprise the Cape Cod style has been a much-loved choice among homeowners for decades. This appealingly classic design brings us back to the 16th Century. As the design can easily be recognized with its symmetrical exterior, centrally-located chimney, and battered shingles. Unfortunately, many homeowners struggle to go along with the uncertain size and layout of Cape Cod floor plans. It usually comes with a living room, dining room, kitchen, and master bedroom. Moreover, it also includes a few small, sloped-ceiling bedrooms upstairs. This makes it easy to realize why this traditional style isn’t the ultimate choice for large families or people who always have expected guests. 

However, you can also utilize the option of Cape Cod style house additions which allows you to make it a comfortable and cozy house design. This design can easily go around any surroundings across the towns of Massachusetts. The Cape Cod house is the foremost choice for 1st time home buyers, usually, couples starting a family. Somehow, the Cape Cod home’s traditional layout also has numerous challenges. 

In today’s world, there are many budget-friendly ways to provide the space that the modern family lifestyle needs. In this article, we’ll describe the traditional Cape Cod style house additions and some ideas for adding additional space to your house. We hope that these solutions will be helpful and plenty enough to expand the house you never think of leaving.

Traditional Cape Cod House Design

When it comes to the standard Cape Cod style house. It typically has a center stairway when you walk through the front door with a little space for an entry. It commonly consists of a dining room, living room, and kitchen. Usually, the dining room is on the left side and the living room is on the right. The rear of the 1st floor has the kitchen and a bedroom with an attached bathroom. As you go upstairs you’ll normally find two small bedrooms with one complete bathroom. The bedrooms of the second floor may have sloped rooflines within them but typically are still usable.

Somehow the Cape Cod style homes lack insulation and have minimal ventilation upstairs in some areas of the state. However other places are finished and completely usable, including proper heating, and cooling systems. Today, there are many Cape Cod house exterior remodel options available that can open up your space without interrupting your House’s existing footprint.

Cape Cod Style House Additions

Improve Your Cape Cod House’s Flow and Functionality

While the Cape Cod house style does have some space challenges but all are solvable. Your home improvement contractor can work with you to find your issues regarding flow and function. If you’re living in a house and your family has increased or your kids have just grown up. But you don’t want to shift. This is the benefit of having a Cape Cod style that is flexible and gives you several remodeling options. The style allows itself to add extra usable space, both by constructing an addition or remodeling within your house’s existing footprint. 

Thankfully, if you’ve outgrown your space. Use the following list of ideas as inspiration to update and improve your Cape Cod house.

1. Rear Addition

As we mentioned earlier, Cape Cod houses usually feature a staircase, living room, and dining room near the front door opening. The ideal location for a rear addition is typically a found bedroom and kitchen at the back of the house. Rear additions usually revolve around kitchen expansion and master bedroom addition.

Several homeowners shift into the new bedroom and use the old suite as a guest room or office space. If you’re thinking about using the new room frequently. You should consider adding useful features to the bathroom, like a soaking tub, therapeutic shower, or attractive countertops. Read more about the 5 affordable kitchen remodel ideas for your Cape Cod home.

2. Second-Story Addition

In case your house lacks upstairs ventilation, you can easily install proper heating, cooling, and insulation to rapidly add more livable space to the house. Nevertheless, the best method to increase your upstairs space is with a second-story addition. Your local home improvement contractor can help you to expand the space of your existing bedrooms and bathrooms. These additions will help you to accommodate your growing family or you can also add a master bedroom for guests.

Regardless of how you choose to remodel your second floor, the extra room will improve your House’s resale value, especially if you live in a neighborhood with primarily second-story Houses. If you are interested in knowing more ways to take benefits from your home. You must see our guide about 5 simple steps to convert your basement into an apartment.

3. Garage Expansion

Cape Cod Style House Additions

If your house has an attached garage, the space above it becomes the best option for adding a room. The added room can also be used as a master bedroom, office space, or playroom for kids. In case you have a detached garage, consider connecting it to your house. You can utilize the in-between area to create a mudroom or laundry room to open more space inside your house.

4. Bay Window

Consider adding a large functional bay window if you want to expand your house without any longer remodeling projects. You can use the window shelf to add extra countertop space in the kitchen. You can also add an upstairs window so you can use the place as a cozy reading corner.

5. Kitchen Remodel

Cape Cod Style House Additions

Back in the 16th century, the purpose of kitchens was only cooking and cleaning. But in recent times, kitchens are used as a central hub for the socialization and entertainment of the family. This enormous cultural shift has left every Cape Cod house owner in need of more kitchen space. Luckily, a kitchen expansion is an excellent opening to bring up-to-date this room with the spacious island, custom cabinetry, and smart home appliances you’ve been looking at for the past many years. 

Discover the cost of kitchen renovation in 2022 and helpful tips to save bucks and add value to your house remodel.

6. Front Porch

In case your backyard isn’t big enough that allows an easy rear addition. Expanding your front yard with a porch is another option. Expanded front porches are the only solution to break up the roofline while keeping your Cape Cod home’s traditional style and character. The choice is yours; you can keep the porch open or increase your House’s square footage. By enclosing the porch to create either a living room, mudroom, or children’s play area.

7. Wall Removal

Cape Cod Houses normally have walls to isolate the house’s main rooms, like the kitchen, dining room, and living room. To establish the magic of extra square footage, knock down these walls to create an open floor plan. But make sure to contact one of the best local home improvement contractors in your locality. Doing home additions is not a piece of cake; it requires expert skills to accomplish the tasks safely.

Expand Your Cape Cod Style House Additions with Dream House Improvement

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